Counselling During COVID-19 

The current COVID-19 global pandemic has meant that we have all had to make changes to the way we carry out most aspects of our daily lives in order to help keep ourselves and others safe. 

Sadly, thousands of people across the UK have lost their lives to this illness and countless more have been affected by the loss of loved ones, friends and colleagues. 

Social distancing and lock-down measures have been a necessity but have affected the mental health of many of us.  

Now more than ever, it is important that we can discuss our thoughts and emotions so that we can process what is going on around us. Being able to talk about our fears and concerns helps us to find ways to cope. 

What do I need for online counselling?

Online Learning.

I am not currently offering face-to-face sessions in order to minimise the risk of infection for both myself and my clients; instead I am holding all sessions online.

Online counselling allows us to see and hear each other without having to share physical space.

To be able to see and hear the session, you will need a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera and microphone. A bigger screen and something you don't have to hold can be more comfortable but a phone will work perfectly well.


You will also need to make sure you have sufficient internet bandwidth for a video call.

If you share your home with others, you will need to ensure you can go somewhere quiet and confidential where you will not be interrupted during the session.

You will need to choose your location carefully to give you the space and privacy required for your session.

Sessions are easy to access; I will send you a link a few minutes before our session is due to start for you to join me.